Products and Services
Percetakan Skyline Sdn Bhd

We offer full pre-press services including typesetting, high-end scanning, retouching, and colour proofing for files which are not directly ready for computer-to-plate production. As additional services, we produce all proofs to reflect the colour of the eventual paper stock and, if desired, we can store all layouts in our electronic database.

Automated Workflow System with Prinect
In our efforts towards achieving ISO 9000, Skyline is integrating an automated print production workflow management system called Prinect. The name "Prinect" marries the two words "print" and "connect". It integrates and optimizes the workflow - all the way from management to production and from prepress to finishing.

Printmaster PM 74
We acquired this 50cm x 70cm medium format press in 2004. It handles a large variety of materials - from lightweight paper to 0.6 millimeter thick cardboard. Turn around time is faster due to a high level of automation. The Ecocolor Dampening System allows printing without alcohol, resulting in printed materials that are rich in contrast and environmentally friendly. This machine is also connected to our Prinect system - a modular workflow management system that cuts down production time.

Speedmaster CD 102
Our state-of-the-art large format press is one of the few available in Malaysia. Air suction devices used in this printer ensure reliable sheet separation, resulting in non-smear print results even at top press speeds. The continuous dampening system, Alcolour, makes sure that every printed sheet is consistently high in quality. Machine preparation times are dramatically reduced due to the extended preset functionalities. Special inks and coatings such as UV, gold, silver and pearl are handled brilliantly.

Printmaster GTO 52
Our small format press (35mm x 20mm) offers high-quality professional offset printing. This machine typically prints smaller print batches like business stationery, brochures, leaflets, forms, postcards, greetings cards, dust covers and labels ensuring that smaller quantity print jobs are delivered fast and in excellent quality.

The RYOBI 750 series
As part of our support system, the Ryobi delivers high print quality, advanced automation, a digital quality-control. This machine flexibly handles special colors and varnish coatings and is compatible with a wide range of paper, from lightweights to card stock and board grades.

Online Saddle Stitcher
Our Stitchmaster ST 100 from Heidelberg provides professional online saddle stitching for the production of magazines and single-layer brochures. At an output rate of up to 9,000 copies per hour and fast changeovers, the online saddle stitcher allows for fast production. And by bringing the entire production process in-house, your costs are minimized and our delivery to you.

Folding Machine
As part of our commitment to be the one-stop print solutions provider to you, our Stahlfolder Ti 52 from Heildelberg is a vital component of our post press services. It has a speed of up to 180 meter/minute (590 feet/minute). This folding machine handles sheet sizes up to 50cm x 70cm.